Towns with History Worth Repeating

In the history of North Carolina there are significant events and persons, defined by moral character, courage and hope that impacted not only the state but also the nation in a very positive way. The History Worth Repeating tour highlights North Carolina persons and events with national influence where they occurred in the towns of Edenton, Halifax and Warrenton, and provides a way to re-experience them in either in a day-trip or overnight visit.

Muster Your Know-How
Declare Your Independence
Rebel Against Authority

Activities You Can’t Miss

Get Your Passport Today and Join the Adventure

Make history fun by downloading our passport and stamping it at every designated spot on your trip. Register and use those stamps to win prizes.


Make your own history on July 4th in Halifax, or at the Tea Party in Edenton in October, or at one of several festivals in Warrenton in April or October.


Find out how far you are from the leading historical events and towns in North Carolina. Make it a day trip or an overnight trip.

Short Day Trips

You can visit one or two towns in a single day, and capture North Carolina’s important contributions to the creation of the country.

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You can uncover a leisurely encounter with the State’s most important history. Take your time and make it worthwhile!